How To Join

If you have come this far, then be assured a collegial and thoroughly enjoyable time awaits you.  Lets first clarify what is involved.


The membership process is governed by the Club's constitution.  You can download a copy here.  In summary:

  • A person must be:-

1.  Not less than eighteen (18) years of age (other than Junior Members as provided for in this Constitution).

2.  Interested in the Game of Bowls.

3.  Prepared to support and promote the welfare and objects of the Club and the Game of Bowls.

4.  Free of indebtedness to any Bowls Club, any District Association or any State Bowls Authority, and not under an order or notice of suspension from any Bowls Club or Bowls Association.

  • The nomination fee of $14.50 must be included with the nomination form when it is submitted.

  • The Committee will process the nomination and in due course, you will be contacted.

  • While this is going on, a club coach will contact you and assist with preparing your path to bowling.

  • Your first game will normally be controlled with your coach and you playing a social competition against your opposition.

  • At morning (for the Ladies) and afternoon (for the Men) tea, you will normally be introduced to the other members present and you will be given your starter's pack.  You may even be asked if you would like to say a few brief words about yourself.

  • Subsequent questions should go first to your coach but, you will find club members are very happy to assist if you ask them.

Enjoy the challenge.