Why join Us

Want to make new friends?  Well you have come to the right place:

  • We all start bowling at the same time.

  • We all have afternoon tea together.

  • We all finish about the same time for a chat and a drink.

  • Unless its competition, we all get out of the rain!

  • The club selectors ensure you don't play with the same people all the time.


Want to have a sport which is physically and mentally stimulating:

  • People of all ages and abilities can enjoy the game.  See this Better Health review.

  • Bowls involves strategy and tactics.  Not all deliveries are played to get closest to the jack.  A threat may need to be covered if the jack is knocked over to a cluster of the opponents bowls.

  • Want to play in competitions, in the club, in the region, in the state.  Go for it but you will have to work for it.


I could go on but, better to try our barefoot bowls or come and see us.

The challenge is yours.

Think you might like to join?

All New Members will be presented with:-


  • 1  copy of Constitution & By-laws

  • 1 Hat Band, 1 Club Badge  & 1 iron on badge

  • 1 name badge


New members will have to pay for Club shirt(s) 

Hat, cap & bowling accessories