Don't think you could do it?


Lawn bowls enables those having difficulty in other sports to enjoy the collegiality and competition of club life.  There are a range of aids and assistance to help you bowl.  You may not become a champion, but there is no reason not to try, and there is definitely no reason not to have a good time.


  • Colin continues to enjoy his bowls and to be very competitive at the game.

  • Ed is a good bowler and uses the walking stick to assist his balance when bowling.

  • David cannot see the end and is told where his last bowl finished.  Think that stops him! He still beats many bowlers and was a member of our club championship fours team.

Check us out. Get high on life.  There's no reason not to!


David is legally blind.


One of our lifters to avoid bending.


Assistance for stepping down to the green.


Colin uses a bowling arm.


Ed uses one of our walking sticks.